An extension to your clinic out in the community

Thank you for your interest in Paws at Home Veterinary Nursing. We want to help you, help your clients by being your technician out in the community. Offering veterinary nursing services for your special needs patients, in their own home, will lessen their stress and in many cases, give you more reliable results.

By offering nursing services and working as an extension to your clinic, we will also be freeing up valuable scheduling space and your technicians’ time, allowing you to see more urgent cases.

Your clients will love the convenience of having a Veterinary Technician come to them. You will love knowing that we are fully insured and licensed and have over 20 years of experience, so your patients will be well looked after.

Our slogan is “bridging the gap between the clinic and the couch”. What this means is our goal is to ensure our furry loved ones are receiving the best care possible after they leave your practice and ultimately strengthen the bond between clinic and client.

How To Refer Your Patients

If you would like to refer a patient for one of our services, please reach out by phone or email, or have your client contact us directly so we can start the referral process. We will always confirm client appointment requests with your practice directly.

After all medical visits, your practice will receive a detailed report, via email, with all appointment notes.

If we haven’t met yet and you’d like to schedule a meeting, we’re happy to pop by with coffee and treats so you can feel comfortable referring your patients to us.

Get In Touch

Phone: 226-781-8384