We work as an extension to your regular veterinarian. Most nursing service appointments are referred to us through your regular veterinarian. Some supplies for services should also be acquired from your regular veterinarian and are not included in price. If you have questions on whether a particular service if offered, needs a referral or supplies, please contact us.

Our service region includes London and the surrounding area. Homes greater than a 30 minute drive from home office may be accommodated with an additional mileage fee.

Price List

Professional Nursing Consultation $55

Technician Physical Exam, Virtual “Ask a Vet Tech” Consultation, Home Accommodation Consults to help your special needs pet be more comfortable at home, Quality of Life Consults-coming soon

Medication Demonstration $45

We can show you how to give injections, or oral, ear or eye medications

Medication Administration $25

Discounts available if multiple visits required daily or weekly, please inquire

Diabetic Monitoring Blood Glucose Spot Test $35

For previously diagnosed diabetics only.

Diabetic Monitoring Blood Glucose Curve $100-$150

For previously diagnosed diabetics only. Typically 4-6 visits. Number of visits as per DVM recommendations. Blood glucose readings, can be more accurate when taken at home, since your pet is less stressed. Readings are sent to your veterinarian for interpretation.

Blood Pressure Reading $55

Blood pressure readings are taken using a Parks Doppler and are sent to your veterinarian for interpretation.  They can be more accurate when taken at home, since your pet is less stressed.

Blood Collection and Delivery to your Clinic $60 +

Price may vary depending on delivery distance, please inquire

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration $50

For pets who have renal impairment or are sick and need supplemental hydration.

Bandage Change $45 +
Small $45
Medium $55
Large $65
Suture Removal $45

Includes post operative exam if requested by your regular veterinarian.

Rehabilitation Exercises $65

If you just need a refresher on how to do them yourself or if you would prefer a Veterinary Technician to do the exercises for you in your home. Must have detailed instruction on rehab required from your Veterinarian or a Certified Rehab Technician. Packages can be purchased for ongoing treatment, please inquire.

Pet Visit $35 - $55

Have us visit your pet for a variety of reasons. Anything from checking in after they’ve had surgery, a bathroom break if you have a long work day, feed lunch, a snuggle, play in the yard, seizure watch etc.
Prices may vary depending on visit, please inquire.

Food or Medication Delivery $30 - $60

Price may vary depending on delivery distance, please inquire.

Nail Trim $40

Subsequent pet $20
as an add on to another service $20

Routine Anal Gland Expressions $45

As an add on to another service $25

Ear Cleaning $40

Clean your pet’s ears with cleaner provided by and as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Triple Play $80

Nail Trim, Routine Anal Glands and Ear Cleaning in one visit

Making Friends Fee $30

We at Paws at Home Veterinary Nursing, strive to make all services as stress free as possible. We cannot guarantee that within the first few appointments the service will be completed, however we can guarantee we will have a successful visit in which we begin the process of bonding with your pet and gaining their trust. Sometimes we may need to take a step back and contact your clinic about an option for sedation. A $30 “making friends fee” will be charged if the service is unable to be completed and the full charge of the service will be charged at the time of completion. The “making friends fee” will also be charged, if at the time of the visit, it is discovered that any home nursing care is beyond the scope of the Veterinary Technician and they feel your regular Veterinarian needs to be consulted.

Canine Massage

Please visit our Canine Massage Page for details on treatments and pricing.

Visits are subject to HST.

We accept cash or card payments. Payment is required at the time of the visit.

Please note: prices are subject to change.