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You can reach out to us by text or phone at 226-781-8384, email us at or through our contact form.

Please refer to our services page for a list of our services and cost. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us at 226-781-8384 or

At this time we are not able to handle aggressive animals safely. We are happy and willing to work with fearful or anxious animals. In some cases, multiple bonding visits to gain trust or a sedative from your veterinarian may be needed in order to complete the service. Please see our “Making Friends Fee” on our services page for full explanation.

No, at this time, Paws At Home Veterinary Nursing only provides services to dogs and cats.

We are a mobile Veterinary Nursing company that services London and the surrounding area. If your home is further than 20km from the home office, there will be an additional mileage fee added to the visit.

No prescription medications can only be prescribed by a licensed Veterinarian.

No we do not offer this service. We will be offering hospice care and a quality of life consult in the near future. If you are looking for humane euthanasia at home,, can help you say goodbye to your furry loved one in a loving, compassionate, dignified way.

No we do not offer this service.

Generally emergencies require more than is what is within our scope of practice as Veterinary Technicians. We are unable to diagnose, prescribe or perform surgical procedures. If you have an emergency, always contact your regular veterinarian or your nearest veterinary emergency clinic.

We can book appointments through you or your clinic. All appointment requests made by clients will be confirmed with the pet’s regular veterinary clinic. We work as an extension to your regular veterinarian and all medical appointments need to be referred by them.

We do not offer bathing, brushing or any clipping or shaving. The only services that could be deemed grooming services that we offer are nail trims, ear cleaning and routine anal gland expression.

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